Cirus Apartments is proud to have been awarded the Travelife Gold International Sustainability Certificate.

At Cirus Apartments, we decided that we wanted to contribute to a greener future and social responsibility, so we joined Travelife, an international organisation whose main goal is to create more sustainable holidays and thus reduce the impact on social, economic and environmental issues.

We are committed to sustainable development, resource efficiency, environmental protection and reducing the environmental impact of our business. We also place great emphasis on connecting with the local community, valuing local ingredients and working with local producers. All this was recognised and in October 2021 we were awarded the Travelife Gold Ecolabel.

These values ensure that our guests, through their choices, also contribute to the protection of the environment and the development of the local community.

We will continue to respect the environment, traditions, cultural heritage, promote sustainable tourism development and engage with the local environment. Our commitment to the environment has always been part of our family values. The Travelife Gold Certificate is also a recognition of our efforts to create a better tomorrow for tourism in Kočevje region.